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Compass - Features
Main Features
* Cross-browser support
Handles Netscape, IExplorer, and Opera file format. Uniform user interface for file open, save, import, export, and merge. All file I/O operations are applicable to all three file formats.
* Windows look and feel GUI
Windows Explorer-like GUI, with both Tree and List, plus a Note (description) window and a quick search bar.
* Unique two displaying modes
The Explorer mode is just like Windows Explorer. The Compass mode will display all items in both Tree and List window. This give users the flexibility to perform cross-folder operations like sorting, organizing, searching, etc.
* Export with Template
Users can easily generate HTML pages or plain text reports, lists based on Templates. Compass comes with several read-to-use sample Templates. Users can modify or create their own Templates.
* Real-time free-text and logical search
The List window acts like a filter. It displays the result while users are typing into the search bar. Users can even apply logical operation AND (&), OR (|), NOT (!) to their search phrase to find exactly what they want to find.
* Password protection
Users can add a password to protect their bookmark files from unauthorized viewing. The files will be encrypted so that no other programs or people can see the contents.
* Super fast check dead links
Compass uses multi-threading generic socket connection to check links, retrieve keywords, description and redirected URLs. The results is a super fast through-put even over a 56K modem.
* Multi-selectable Tree
Multi-selectable tree is a very convenient and desired feature that allow users to perform power editing on the hierarchical structure.
* Intelligent duplicate URLs searching
Find duplicate URLs in a breeze. Users have many options for the criteria of duplicate URLs.
* Extensive drag & drop support
Users can drag & drop to and from different panes, different instances, Compass and browsers, desktop, and Windows Explorer.
* Versatile sorting options.
Users can sort their bookmarks almost any ways they wish. Sorting can be done just a single folder, including all child folders, cross groups, keeping groups, by different attributes, etc.
* Others
Dynamic Bookmarks menu, Tray icon access, Import, Export, Merge, Keeping notes, Print, ... etc.