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Compass - Plan
Future Development Plan
It has been a concern for many users that Compass hasn't been updated for quite a while. We want to thank you for those who gave us supports and encouragements. For the year of 2002, we were under the transition from a one-product company to a multi-products company. As the transition is completing and the new product, XmlShell The Ultimate Lightweight XML Editor, is releasing, we want to ensure our users that Compass is still alive. Here is our plan for the future versions of Compass.

* Support Latest Browsers
We plan to update Compass to work with all the latest versions of major browsers. Currently, our list includes IE, Netscape, Opera, and Mozilla.
* MDI User Interface
Currently, Compass is an SDI (Single-Document Interface) application. We want to change it to an MDI (Multiple Documents Interface) application so that users can open more multiple bookmark files at the same time.
* Browser Integration
We want to have better integration between Compass and browsers. Possibly, we'll have Compass bar in IE or browser windows in Compass.
* Support XML/XSLT
With the advance of XML and XSLT, we want Compass to be able to generate web pages, reports, etc. using the XSLT way, which is a standard and very very powerful way.
* Other Areas
There are many other areas we want to improve to make Compass better and more useful.