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Version 1.0
Features of the original release
* Color coded bookmarks.
* All kinds of sorting.
* Various statistics.
* Import / Export HotList.
* Call Netscape directly to open a URL.
* Grab information from Netscape when adding new bookmarks.
* Flexible dropping mode: "Into" or "Onto" folders.
* Alt-drag-drop to switch between "Into" and "Onto" modes.
* Three panes (Tree, List, and Edit) to display information.
* Keypad '*' to expand all folders.
* Support standard multiple selection: Shift-click and Ctrl-click.
* Extended clickable area for mouse operation.
* Auto-scrolling when drag & drop.
* Easy description editing.
* In-label editing.
* Sort bookmarks by clicking column labels in List pane.
* Double click on column dividers to automatically fit the width.
* Copy URL(s) to clipboard for pasting to other applications.
* Drag & drop between List and Tree panes.
* Standard drag-drop to move items.
* Standard Ctrl-drag-drop to copy items.
* Find, Find next, and Select all.
* Right click for a handy menu (context menu).
* Informative status bar.
* Handy tool bar.