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Version 2.17
Bug fix
* Fixed: Incorrect positioning when drag & drop from outside sources.
Version 2.16
New features & Improvements
* Opera Hotlist (*.adr) support.
* Reopen (in the File menu).
* Accelerator F10 for Info | Find in Other Pane.
* Ctrl+A to select all text if in edit window.
* File filter *.htm.
* When dealing with Favorites file I/O, Compass will create a log file (log.txt), which will log any failures during the I/O operation. The log file is located in the same directory as the executable file (compass.exe).
* Customizable MRU (Most Recently Used) number. The default value is 4. You need to manually edit compass.ini (in the Windows directory) to take advantage of it. For example, by adding MRU=6 to the [Preferences] section in compass.ini, you will have up to six (6) MRU files listed in the File menu.
Version 2.15
New features & Improvements
* Warning message if a system directory is selected as the destination of Favorites directory.
* Print date on page footer.
* When saving Favorites, Compass will not create a backup directory if the directory is a system directory.
Bug fix
* Fixed: Conversion to Favorites would fail if the last visit date was "out of range."
Version 2.14
Bug fix
* Fixed: Dragging or copying a single bookmark with long title caused GPF.range."
Version 2.13
Bug fix
* Fixed: URL was converted to lower case when being dragged from browsers.
* Fixed: "Add URL" caused problems if the page title was extremely long.
Version 2.12
New features & Improvements
* Added: Option to disable "Auto sort List Pane"
Bug fix
* Fixed: The folder state for "New Item Folder" didn't get saved correctly.
Version 2.11
Bug fix
* Fixed: When save favorites, Compass incorrectly converted non-English characters.
Version 2.10
New features & Improvements
* Undo.
* New drag & drop interface. (replace "drop into folders")
* Sorting now handles groups (separators).
* Printing support
* Auto sort list pane.
* Save sort order setting (list pane).
* Drag & drop, copy & paste among different instances of Compass.
* Drag & drop TO Netscape or IExplorer.
* Copy & paste shortcuts onto the desktop.
* "Blue" selected tree items (was gray).
* TAB-key runs through all child windows.
* Handles international date format.
* Search field enhancement:
* If only one item found, pressing enter will open that link.
* Otherwise, pressing enter will open whatever in the input field. For example, if the input field is "www.geocities.com" Compass will tell the browser to open "www.geocities.com."
* You can always press "up & down" key to move back and froth between search field and list pane.
* Now you can press Esc to reset the search field.
* New commands:
* Print
* Add Item (always pops up a dialog)
* Find
* Set New Item Folder (new bookmark folder)
* Netscape (Open URL with Netscape)
* IExplorer (Open URL with IExplorer)
* Find Similar
* Collapse All
* New Options: (Preferences)
* Allow multiple instances
* Auto Save
* Always show fly tip
* Confirmation when deleting items
* Confirmation when moving items
* Keep time stamps for exported items
Bug fix
* Fixed: No accelerators (shortcut keys) when fly tips shown.
* Fixed: Ctrl+C, V, X, Z for all edit windows.
* Fixed: Conversion from HTML to Favorites didn't handle invalid characters.
* Fixed: Occasional crashes when opening another file or a new file.
* Fixed: Description text length limit.
* Fixed: Several UI (user interface) bugs.