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Version 1.11
Bug fix
* Fixed the GPF when saving bookmarks containing extra long items.
Version 1.10
New features & Improvements
* Drag & drop any links from Netscape (3.x and 4.x).
* New command: "New Browser.?
* Full support for standard keyboard interface.
* New option: ?Open last file on startup.?
* New option: ?Run Netscape on startup.?
* New option: ?Create backup when saving.?
* Command line open file.
* Accept drop file to open.
* "Import HotList" can handle files contain both HotList data and normal text.
* All found items are made visible when doing "Select All" in "Find."
* In Edit pane, normal cut, copy and paste can be accessed from shortcut keys, toolbar icons, or right-click menu (context menu.)
* "Collapse other folders" reacts immediately.
* Context sensitive help.
* Automatically find the location of Netscape.
* Drag-drop doesn't affect the internal memory of Compass for copy-paste.
Bug fix
* Fixed the problem not able to open or save files which contain very long lines.
* Fixed the possible memory leak after reading unexpected format.
* Fixed the problem not able to handle more than 10 levels.
* Fixed that "Find" didn't work properly if focus was in Edit pane.
* Fixed: When "Collapse other folders" was checked, users couldn't see all selected items if the items were in different folders.
* Fixed: Tree pane and List pane didn't handle keyboard input properly.
* Fixed: "In-label edit" failed to set modified flag.