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Version 2.73
Bug fix
* Fixed: On some systems, launching URLs to IE caused crash.
* Fixed: Couldn't set "Tool_Link" to blank.
Version 2.72
Bug fix
* Fixed: In some occasions, "Add URL" doesn't grab URL from browsers.
* Fixed: Crashing when saving Favorites with long descriptions.
* Fixed: Incorrect context menu when right-clicking on the first item in the list pane.
* Fixed: In "Explorer Style," the tree pane failed to highlight correct folder after drag-drop.
* Fixed: "File::Import" didn't handle Favorites properly.
* Fixed: Deleting favorites didn't work properly when "Use Recycle Bin" was enabled.
* Fixed: Synchronize Favorites didn't work properly when "Use Recycle Bin" was enabled.
Version 2.71
New features & Improvements
* Alt+Enter to edit an item.
* Changed "Auto Expand/Collapse" sense area to the tree buttons (+/-) only.
Bug fix
* Fixed: Failed to find Netscape window in some occasions.
* Fixed: Compass froze for a while when it initially started browsers.
* Fixed: Command line options for browsers were not picked up.
* Fixed: Logical AND (&) search was not functioning when "Title" was not included in the search fields.
* Fixed: Exporting to Netscape bookmark format caused items to be moved to the root folder.
Version 2.70
New features & Improvements
* Logical OR (|) search - For example, to find all items containing "microsoft" or "linux", you can type "microsoft | linux" in the search bar.
* Get Meta Info (Tools::Get Meta Info) - Retrieve the description, keywords, and updated URL from the tag of a page. You don't need to open the page in a browser.
* Add URL From List (Edit::Add URL From List) - Pick URL(s) to add from a list of links for all running browsers.
* New Template features:
%AUTO_VIEW=YAutomatically view the output file
{MAIN:*.htm}Specify extension name
{F#}Handle different level of folders. (# is 0, 1, 2, ...)
{F(:new_format)}Generate separate files using the new_format for folders
{B#}Handle different level of bookmarks. (# is 0, 1, 2, ...)
* Create Directory Map (File::Create Directory Map) - Create an HTML file that links to your local directories and files. You can then add description for your files and perform quick search.
* Automatically run Compass when browsers IE starts (Tools::Preferences::Internet Explorer).
* Import wizard (File::Import Wizard).
* Import/Open generic HTML files.
* Import/Open Yahoo! Companion data.
* Always on Top (Tools::Preferences::Appearance::Always on top).
* Start minimized (Tools::Preferences::Start/Exit::Start minimized).
* Launch groups of URLs.
* Use Recycle Bin for deleted favorites or files.
* New List pane column "Status" for URL checking.
* New Toolbar icons: "Always on Top" and "Preferences".
* MRU list in the Tray icon menu.
* More accurate URL checking.
* Handle Netscape's "Personal Toolbar Folder" and IE's "Links" folders. (Tools::Preferences::Netscape::Rename [Personal Toolbar Folder] ; Tools::Preferences::Internet Explorer::Rename [Links]) - You can tell Compass to treat those special folders as the same folder.
* Move folder to bottom (Tools::Preferences::Sort::Tree pane::Move folder to bottom).
* Auto pick browser (Tools::Preferences::General::Auto pick browser) - Automatically use the current running browser instead of the "Default browser" setting.
* Handle Read-only files.
* Integrated "Browse for Folder" dialog.
* Add Folder command. (Edit::Add Folder)
* Improved context menu.
Bug fix
* Fixed: Win98 - Bring browser to foreground.
* Fixed: Netscape - Launch URL in the main frame.
* Fixed: IE5 - Multiple IE windows
* Fixed: Opera Hotlist custom order.
* Fixed: Calling Opera caused one extra blank Opera window.