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Version 2.60
New features & Improvements
* Export with Template - The whole new Template engine lets users define their own template for exporting items (bookmarks or folders). You can easily generate the HTML pages or formatted text with the style you want. Comes with the package are several sample templates for generating HTML tables, lists, and regular plain reports.
* Dynamic Bookmarks menu. Users can enable or remove it any time they want.
* Logic NOT (!) search. For example, to search for all items containing "software" but not "demo", just type "software & !demo" in the search bar.
* Supports IE5 Favorite format and IE5 Drag & Drop.
* Extremely fast duplicates searching.
* Added: Better Description handling for Favorite and Opera.
* Added: Drag & drop image links from web pages.
* Added: Check duplicates when adding. (new option)
* Changed: Allows to "Add" links if the "generic browser" supports it.
* Changed: Minimum MRU to 0 (was 1).
* Changed: Illegal characters are changed to '$' only on disk in Favorite format.
* Changed: FlyTip won't show up for empty strings.
Bug fix
* Fixed: Check Links found wrong dead links.
* Fixed: Locale sorting did not pick up correct language.
* Fixed: URLs in Opera HotList format were chopped after the '=' sign, if any.
* Fixed: "Compass Style" always marked the file has been changed.
* Fixed: Preferences - The check mark of "Minimize to Tray Icon" didn't stay.
* Fixed: Preferences missed some Help.