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Version 2.52
New features & Improvements
* In Explorer style, drag & drop (or Move) will stay in the original folder. In previous versions, Compass would jump to the new folder.
* New browser option ? Generic browser. When using this setting, Compass will use the Windows?s default browser, and you do not need to tell Compass the full file path name for that browser.
* Supports font character sets.
* Accelerators (hotkeys) for dialogs.
* Warning message before deleting Favorites folders.
* Changed "Sync on exit" to "Sync on save" (to sync with browser?s bookmarks).
* "Sort" will take into account locale. For example, e and will be sorted together.
* If new items were merged into current bookmarks via "Sync on open," Compass will mark your bookmark file as "changed" such that you can optionally save and keep those items.
Bug fix
* In some situations, selecting a menu would caused GPF.
* Potential crash when exiting.
* Track both panes" did not function properly in Explorer Style.
Version 2.51
New features & Improvements
* Print Preview.
* Logic AND (&) search. Now you can type something like "weather & usa & satellite" in the search bar to search for items containing all the three words (weather, usa, and satellite).
* Improved Merge speed.
* Sync on exit" now takes effect only when users choose to save changes.
Bug fix
* Tree pane printing caused GPF.
* Sync Favorites on startup" loaded wrong files.
Version 2.50
New features & Improvements
* Explorer style - The tree pane shows folders only and the List pane shows the contents of the selected folder. Use Ctrl+E or the 8th toolbar icon to toggle.
* Check links - Check and see if links are still valid, can check about 200 links per minute over a 33.6K modem. Also supports proxy server.
* Tray icon - Provides easy access to your bookmarks while Compass is minimized.
* Opera support - Opera is an emerging browser, featuring smaller file size and faster performance. Now, you can open, save, import, export, or merge Opera's Hotlist file and launch Opera as your browser.
* The editing for IExplorer's Favorites now is more integrated into the file system. When you add an item, it will be added the your hard drive immediately. Same as deleting items.
* Right click "Move To" menu item.
* Auto sort tree. (Preference option)
* Auto sync. (Preference option)
* Lots of new options.
Bug fix
* In some situations, Crashes when loading Favorites on startup.